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Questions about value creation? Ask industry expert, Rob McLean

by Samah,


Rob McLean, international value creation expert and consultant, welcomes your insights and/or questions around why CPAs should have a Value Creation mindset.

A Value Creation mindset includes: 

  • Focuses on the future (foresight) 
  • Measures or models value creation from multiple stakeholder perspectives using transparent assumptions 
  • Measures beyond transactions recognizing that relevant value streams can be financial and non-financial 
  • Builds on traditional accounting competencies, learns from the past, but doesn’t assume that the future will always resemble the past
  • Accepts the uncertainty inherent in modelling the future and uses appropriate techniques to manage risk and uncertainty 
  • Embraces innovation in addressing the major future trends affecting our planet, societies, economies, and organizations 

Watch the webinar where Rob McLean and other industry experts discuss what is meant by “value creation”. Use this opportunity to speak directly to Rob McLean and share your insights, questions and comments.

Conversation starters: 

  • What data value or value creation issues have you seen, or have you sought expert assistance to address?
  • What factors are important when you are evaluating implications for future value streams of alternative business models, strategic initiatives, and scenarios?
  • What questions do you have about reshaping value chains to generate a more circular economy and more sustainable and socially equitable value stream outcomes?

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