Help shape the Friedrichs’ new publication, “Technology is a Double-edged Sword”

by Samah,
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

“Technology is a Double-edged Sword” is a publication currently in the works by Brian Friedrich, LLM, MEd, C.Dir, FCPA, FCGA and Laura Friedrich, MSc, CIA, FCPA, FCGA. Your feedback will speak directly to them to drive the publication’s narrative on how ethics can influence decision-making on technological development across businesses. They’ll be analyzing all your answers—make sure to let them know what you have to say! 

Disruptive technologies raise a broad range of ethics challenges, including:

  • transparency (e.g., trade-offs with confidentiality)
  • explainability (e.g., neural networks with deep learning)
  • accountability (e.g., for decisions made by autonomous systems)
  • human rights protection and values alignment (e.g., equity and fairness, inclusion, collaboration)
  • accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness (e.g., justifying resource allocations)
  • privacy and autonomy with respect to personal data (e.g., data ownership issues)
  • safety and security (e.g., cyberattacks)

To what extent should CPAs be responsible for promoting ethics within technology development, implementation, and use in our organizations? Does your answer change depending on whether the technology in question is directly or only indirectly related to financial/corporate reporting?

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